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BEV Surveying Service

Services of the BEV

Services of the BEV

Services of the BEV
BEV Shops
BEV Product Webservice
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INSPIRE - Spatial Data Services
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Services of the BEV

The BEV has been taking account of the development of digitization for many years by supplying different area wide data.

Modern data applications demand direct access to the respective up-to date data. The BEV offers online access to the high-quality spatial data.

Thus the BEV ensures the use and linking of the area wide, authentic spatial data for individual applications.

On the following pages you will find an overview of the services of the BEV and their application ranges.


The GNSS Satellite Positioning Service of the BEV uses and processes GNSS signals (GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO) to provide derived parameters to improve the accuracy of satellite based measurements.

For the area covered by APOS we provide station raw data for post processing applications (APOS-PP and APOS-RAW) as well as individual correction parameter for satellite orbits, satellite clocks, ionosphere and troposphere which are computed in real time (APOS Real Time) in the form of a "Virtual Reference Station" (VRS). This correction service is offered in two accuracies:
  • APOS-RTK with cm-accuracy for extremelyaccurate applications
  • APOS-DGPS with sub meter-accuracy for GIS and navigation applications

As APOS includes numerous GNSS reference stations of neighboring countries it is the positioning service for Austria that offers nationwide homogenous, three dimensional coordinates in the up-to date ETRS89 reference system and also covers the areas along the national boundary.

For more information about APOS please see or our APOS brochure.


The BEV Shops on offer direct access to the spatial data of the BEV. They facilitate for example research and download of extracts from the cadaster and so in many cases save you the trip to the cadastral office or the land register office.

BEV Shop
The BEV Shop is a basic service and facilitates research and ordering of predefined products for all of Austria.

The BEV Shop PLUS offers advanced research and combination possibilities. All spatial data of the BEV are provided in different data formats. This shop is especially for customers who need a broader range of processible products.

The BEV Shop APOS facilitates the access to data from all APOS reference stations for post processing applications as download.
To use the BEV Shop PLUS and the BEV Shop APOS you have to register free of charge on You can find the up-to-date prices for our products in the Standard Charges and Licensing Conditions of the BEV.

BEV Product-Webservice

The BEV Product Webservice (PWS) facilitates to directly research BEV products, place orders and order download online products via your own applications.

This system interface optimizes the process of product order and product integration into your own system.

The search respectively research possibilities we offer are more or less similar to those of the BEV Shop PLUS.

The authentication resp. allocation of the access and the orders via PWS is done by means of a security certificate.


The web application GeoRef delivers the coordinates for any reference point on a parcel and thus facilitates the location of a data set.

By means of standardized requests and answers the service can be integrated into a special environment very quickly.

Austrian Map online

The Austrian Map online is a free of charge web application based on the up-to-date contents of the cartographic models 1:50 000, 1:250 000 and 1:500 000 as well as the general map 1:1 million.

The map provides different search and measurement functions as well as information about random points.

Der von Ihnen gesetzte Punkt hat die Koordinaten:

Referenzsystem ETRS89
Geografische Länge 15° 12' 48"
Geografische Breite 48° 52' 13"
Rechtswert (UTM) 516050 m
Hochwert (UTM) 5413950 m
Zone 33

Additionally it is possible to share defined map sections as a link by email and to print map sections directly.

You don`t have to register on to use this service.

INSPIRE - Spatial Data Services

INSPIRE – Discovery Service

The INSPIRE – Discovery Service is a freely available catalogue service (CSW) and it facilitates the search for spatial data sets and services based on the respective contents of metadata concerned.

INSPIRE – View Services

The INSPIRE – View Services are freely available Web Map Services (WMS), that facilitate the graphic depiction of the following INSPIRE – Data Topics (spatial data sets) of the BEV.

  • WMS coordinate reference systems
  • WMS geographic grid systems
  • WMS geographic names
  • WMS administrative units
  • WMS addresses
  • WMS cadastral parcels
  • WMS elevation
  • WMS land cover
  • WMS orthoimagery

INSPIRE - Download Service

The INSPIRE – Download Service facilitates, similar to the BEV Product Webservice, to order the regular products of the BEV as well as the following INSPIRE – Download Products directly and with out the BEV Shop.

  • INSPIRE – Geographic Names (GN)
  • INSPIRE – Administrative Units (AU)
  • INSPIRE – Cadastral Parcels (CP)

Electronic Application

It is possible to send an application and the corresponding papers to the respective cadastral office by email..

Document Examination Test

Before the application it is possible to check by means of the Documentation Examination Test whether the pdf-files are in accordance with the formal requirements (PDF/A-1b, signature).

If you use structured pdf-documents with form fields, the form field values will be examined as well and compared to the data of the cadaster.

The Service "Electronic Application - Document Examination Test" is an email service of the BEV. The test applicants will receive the examination results that they will also receive by means of an automatically generated validation email after the official application via the Web Portal of the BEV.

Electronic Application

Via the BEV Portal it is possible to email applications with different attachments to the cadastral office. These can be sent optionally with or without structured pdf-documents.

The application with structured pdf-files reduces the application effort, immediately delivers the results of a technical examination of the data transferred, facilitates a quick processing and thus reduces the process duration substantially.

Up-to-date information about structured documents you will find on on the top link "Strukturierter Plan".

Adress search -

Information about the official addresses of the cities and municipalities you get free of charge on

Besides of different functions such as address proposals when entering address parts, zooming, shifting and ETRS coordinates, it is also possible to display details for the selected address and the respective municipality


Straßenname Neusiedlung
Hausnummer 121
Ortsname Langschlag
Gemeindename Langschlag
Gemeindekennziffer (GKZ) 32516
PLZ-Gebiet 3921

You don`t have to register on to use this service.

Legal Basis

General Terms and Conditions

The terms of delivery and payment as well as the copyright notice are set out in the current Terms and Licensing Conditions of the BEV on

Standard Charges and Licensing Conditions

The prices and licensing conditions for the products and services of the BEV are regulated in the Standard Charges and Licensing Conditions of the BEV. The current version was published in the Amtsblatt für das Vermessungswesen (Official Journal for Surveying) and can be found on


The legal basis for the INSPIRE - Spatial Data Services was regulated on national level by the "Geodateninfrastrukturgesetz (GeoDIG), BGBl. I Nr.14/2010 i.g.F. ". The measures demanded in the GeoDIG were implemented accordingly by means of the INSPIREServices of the BEV.

For most BEV services you have to register free of charge on


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